Abstract Face Print Handmade  18X24 - 
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Abstract Face Print Handmade  18X24 - 
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Abstract Face Print Handmade 18X24

Dennis A. Coelho

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Fine Artwork - Original Works of Dennis Akervik Coelho Abstract Face Print Handmade Print 18X24
Upon Purchase Artist will provide personalized Certificate of Authenticity
Dennis Coelho is a Providence, RI based artist, whose work encompasses all fields of design, including fine art, fashion, and interiors.  At the center of all concern is a unyielding dedication to fine art, the psychotherapeutic process, a strong commitment to the community, and the dedication and detail into everything he does. The quote “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” is a driving force behind his daily life.
Whilst dealing with premature teen angst and emotional struggles, Coelho began his foray into being an artist in the early 1980s as a filter for a number of psychological and development issues. Creativity, expression and inspiration eventually took the place of psychosis, mania and depression. Using art as an outlet for his emotional distress, painting was the catalyst that inspired the self-taught artist to begin to fashion a series of works that would subconsciously stimulate the mind and create positive energy flow.
Revolutionaries such as Viktor Frankl, Andy Warhol, and Vincent Van Gogh stood out as influences to Dennis Coelho at a young age. Being a part of a passionate, determined group of individuals looking to make a difference, he was moved to create works with an amalgamation of elements; The aesthetic of the old world craftsmanship fused with new world design, a time honored, do it yourself recycling process. Coelho’s obsessive, almost neurotic sense of detail was bred through years of experience and studying and is stippled onto every piece of art produced by Coelho.
In similar fashion to Mr. Warhol, Coelho has surrounded himself with friends and creative chaos to inspire his artwork and thought process.
In addition to spending much time in the studio perfecting his painting process and trying out texturing techniques used in each piece, he is also very involved in all aspects of giving back to struggling up-and-coming artists and giving back to his community and supporters philanthropically. Coelho is committed to the full-circle of all endeavors as evidenced by the recycling process used in all work, strong artist ties and creating work that will challenge and inspire the mind.
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  • Brand/Artist = Dennis A. Coelho
  • Length = 18" L
  • Width = 24" W

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